Returns Policy

RDTP will accept a request for a refund in the following circumstances:

  1. The product is returned in good working order, without damage within 14 days of activation or within 30 days following receipt of the goods if activation has not taken place. In which case the purchaser should inform RDTP in writing, by email or telephone call of their request for a refund before the due period has elapsed.If the Nano was purchased through the Dog Tracker Nano online store, it should be returned complete with fittings supplied to –
    103 High St
    Herts HP4 2DG

    On receipt and inspection of the device RDTP will advise whether a refund is due and will effect repayment. Such repayment not to affect the purchaser’s statutory rights.

    If the Nano was purchased through a Pets Corner store or the Pets Corner online store it should be returned to Pets Corner, where its condition will be assessed and a refund made if appropriate. If necessary Pets Corner may send the returned Nano to RDTP for a second opinion before agreeing a refund.

  2. The Dog Tracker Nano does not work as intended. Such circumstances include component or battery failure, water ingress or other such default that prevents GPS tracking or transmission of location data.

    RDTP takes no responsibility for a lack of a signal on the user’s mobile phone. RDTP may at its discretion refund the Nano in the event of poor mobile signal but has no obligation to do so.

  3. The purchaser is unable to get the Nano device or app to work. RDTP recognise that technology can be intimidating and that for some the Nano will not be right for them. Providing the purchaser has read the Quick Start Guide, the tutorials and FAQs on the Nano website and has spoken to customer services, RDTP will consider a refund on the grounds of unsuitability as a goodwill gesture, but is under no obligation to do so.
  4. The Nano is too big for the intended dog. Dog Tracker Nano is not recommended for dogs weighing under 6kg, less than 14 weeks old, miniature or toy breeds or dogs with neck sizes under 25cms. RDTP will refund the Nano if any of the above are true.

Transfer of ownership is acceptable providing the new owner takes over or replaces the Service Plan agreement. To do this the current owner must inform us in writing of their intent to transfer and the new owner must contact us directly with their personal details before a transfer can be achieved.

For the avoidance of doubt RDTP and Pets Corner will not make a refund if the product is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, any attempt has been made to open the casing, the antenna has been broken or removed, a collar or harness has been incorrectly fitted, the device has been hacked.