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Getting started

App Download

To download the Dog Tracker Nano app go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Dog Tracker Nano, tap install and then open.


The Nano app is suitable for all iPhones, Android phones and the iPad with 3G. It is not suitable for Windows phones, the Blackberry or AppleWatch


For effective Android operation make sure the application can access the following on your device:

  • Take pictures and videos
  • Know your location
  • Read and modify your SD card
  • Full network access
  • View network connections
  • View wi-fi connections
  • Prevent phone from sleeping

For effective iPhone operation make sure the application can access the following on your device:

  • Location while using the app
  • Notifications
  • Sounds
  • Badge app icon
  • Alerts
  • Background app refresh
  • Mobile data


You can share your login details with friends and family. Once they download the app and login with your details they will be able to track your dog using the ‘where’s my dog?” feature and will receive alerts on their mobile should your dog go astray.


Your log in details are secure and will not be shared with anyone without your permission.


Activation and Login

If you purchased your Dog Tracker Nano directly from us or from our online store, your Nano SIM has already been activated.

If you made a purchase at Pets Corner please contact us on 01442 877796 Mon-Fri 09.00 – 17.00 or go to to activate your subscription.


Important information

Before you use the Nano

Please read the User Manual carefully before you put the Nano on your dog

Add our customer services number 01442 877796 and email to your contact directory in case of emergency.

Make sure you thread your collar through the rubber aerial or fit it firmly to a harness.

Always check the Nano has a current location and good signal before letting your dog off the lead.

We recommend you charge your Nano every day and check it daily, to ensure it is ready whenever you wish to use it.

Once the Nano is working correctly, there is no need to switch it off. It will automatically restart after two minutes of movement.

If the battery has gone flat and the Nano does not restart, please contact us for advice.

If the LEDs do not flash green when you have removed the Nano from charging, press the ! button for eight seconds to switch the Nano on.

We can optimise settings remotely to ensure the best reception, tracking and data.

To prevent corrosion clean the Nano after it has been in salt water.

Getting a good signal

The Nano is designed to be used outdoors. It can work indoors but signal and location data may be compromised.

We recommend the Nano is worn at the side of your dog’s neck with the rubber antenna facing upwards towards the sky.

We can select the strongest network where you walk your dog. Contact customer services to choose between O2, Vodafone, EE and 3.

With the Roaming SIM upgrade, your Nano will automatically search the four networks each time you walk your dog, to find the strongest signal.

We recommend you upgrade to Roaming SIM for the best reception abroad. Your Nano will work in the 28 countries of the EU.

For the most effective tracking you should:

  • Be outdoors with the Nano in open space
  • Have a fully charged Nano battery
  • Have a good GPS signal so the Nano can find its location
  • Have a good mobile network signal so the Nano can send data
  • Have a good signal and battery strength on your mobile so you can receive data from the Nano
  • Set ‘show recent location’ to at least 1 hour

If you see ‘mobile signal lost please wait’ – your mobile has lost signal not the Nano. Your dog’s location will appear when the mobile next finds a signal.

If you see ‘mobile data connection lost please wait’ – your Nano does not have a mobile signal and cannot send data. Lost data will be sent to your mobile as soon as the connection is made.

Buttons and LEDs

Press the left hand ? button to switch on the LEDs.

Left hand LED indicates the strength of the GPS signal used by the Nano to get a satellite location. Red = no signal / orange = weak signal / green = good signal.

Middle LED indicates the strength of the mobile signal used by the Nano to send data to our server. Red = no signal / orange = weak signal / green = good signal.

Right hand LED indicates the battery strength. Red = no charge / orange = 50% charge / green = fully charged.

Press the right hand ! button twice in quick succession to send a panic alert to everyone logged in to your Nano.

The ! button can also be used to switch the Nano on or off but we recommend you do not do this in normal operation. See ‘Trouble-shooting’ for the exceptions.


The Nano tracker

Fitting a standard tray and collar

We recommend you use a collar that has an end without a buckle or plastic clip.

With the Nano and collar face down, thread the end of the collar through the rubber tongue. Do not force a thick collar or buckle through the tongue. It contains the antenna which must not be damaged.

Click the fitting tray onto the back of the Nano with the collar between the two.

Screw the tray to the Nano using the 4 screws provided. Do not over-tighten or cross thread. The screws will prevent the Nano being lost. Do not use the Nano without the screws fitted.

Fitting a clam shell cover and collar

With the Nano and collar face down, thread the end of the collar through the rubber tongue. Do not force a thick collar or buckle through the tongue. It contains the antenna which must not be damaged. Maximum collar size should be 25mm wide and 3mm thick.

Click the fitting tray onto the back of the Nano with the collar between the two. Make sure the narrow opening is next to the rubber antenna.

Screw the tray to the Nano using the 4 short screws provided. Do not over-tighten or cross thread. Next turn over the Nano, place the cover over the buttons and fit the two long screws on the front. Finally turn the Nano back over and fit the remaining long screws.

Fitting the Nano to a harness

You can fit the Nano to any strap on a harness. We recommend a side or top strap for best signal. Repeat the steps above for the standard tray or clam shell. If you cannot pass a strap through the antenna make sure you use Velcro or tape to fix it to the strap or harness. It must not be loose.


Ensure a fitting tray or clam shell cover is attached to the Nano.

Open the small rubber dust cover above and to the left of the buttons and connect the clip and lead.

Once plugged in and switched on the left hand LED will turn amber to indicate charging. The Nano will be fully charged when the left LED turns green after up to 3 hours.

Connecting the Nano to a charger will briefly switch it on. After approximately 10 minutes the Nano will switch itself off while being charged.

When the Nano is removed from the charger the LEDs will flash green and the Nano will turn on.

The right hand LED will then flash green intermittently to indicate it is tracking and is ready for use.

If the LEDs do not flash green when you have removed the charger, press the ! button for 8 seconds to switch the Nano on. Check that the right hand LED is flashing green before putting the Nano on your dog.

First time use

To switch the Nano on after charging press the ! button for 3 seconds. The LEDs will flash green then the right hand LED will flash green intermittently to show the Nano is working.

Next, place the Nano outside or on a window sill for 5 minutes. Press the ? button. All three LEDs should be green. This indicates the Nano has a GPS satellite fix, a mobile signal and a fully charged battery.

Daily use

Your Nano is a sealed, waterproof unit and cannot be opened.

The SIM has already been fitted and will not need to be changed. We can adjust settings remotely as required.

If your dog is slow moving the Nano may take longer to switch on. Contact us if this is an issue and we will adjust the motion sensor.

A standard Nano will report its location every 30 seconds. If your dog is fast moving and/or you want the most accurate tracking possible, you can upgrade to Fast Track to increase data frequency to every 10 seconds. You can contact us to make this change.

If your dog is in a car or other fast moving vehicle the Nano may switch itself off as your dog’s movement relative to the car is small. Tracking of your dog while moving may be intermittent and/or you may see straight lines rather than a detailed track.


Your Nano relies on third party services for satellite location, data transmission and mapping on your mobile. In normal circumstances it will perform well.

You may experience issues when:

  • The GPS signal is weak – there will be a delay in showing your dog’s location
  • The mobile signal is weak – you will be asked to wait until there is a mobile connection
  • Your mobile has a poor connection – the tracking data will be slow to update

These services are out of our control.

We can help optimise performance by:

  • Selecting the best network where you exercise your dog
  • Turning on the roaming SIM to search automatically for the best signal
  • Adjusting the motion sensor to improve sensitivity to movement
  • Re-booting our server if the app is frozen
  • Upgrading the data frequency to 10 seconds if you have a fast running dog
  • Giving you online access
  • Helping you share your login so friends and family can also track your dog

Operating system issues


Some Android devices will auto-populate your login details if you uninstall and re0install the Dog Tracker Nano app. If this happens to you please overtype the details and tap log in. If the problem persists call us.


Some iPhones will not allow audible alerts even with permissions set correctly. We do not have a solution for this. Please contact the shop where you purchased the mobile for help.

Nanos are complex devices that will on occasion go wrong. We can often resolve issues over the phone. If we cannot, then we will replace a faulty Nano free of charge up to 18 months old.

For advice and service call Customer Services on 01442 877796 Mon-Fri 09.00 – 17.00 or email us at


The Nano tracker


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Customer services


Customer Services are UK based. We are available to respond to your calls on 01442 877796 Mon-Fri between 09.00 and 17.00. After hours please email us at

At weekends the office is not manned but we monitor emails and will do our best to respond to emergencies.


We have been designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing dog trackers for ten years and are always happy to give advice to help you get the best value from your Nano. We welcome feedback and are delighted to receive pictures of your dog wearing their Nano, videos of their antics and testimonials where the Nano has done its job.

Please email feedback to and post pictures, videos and testimonials to our Facebook page @dogtrackernano

Thank you